Excel How-to: Resize Cells To Fit Content

excel logoThere are times when you would like to resize all of the cells in Excel, so that they take up the minimum amount of space necessary yet show all of the data. You could painstakingly manually resize each individual column and row (assuming that you have no life and want to keep it that way), or you could do it the easy way. Here's how...

First, highlight all of the cells on the sheet by clicking once in the uppermost left corner of the sheet, where the row headings and the column headings intersect:


excel resize cells 01


Now, move your mouse pointer over the line in the header between any two columns, until it turns into a double-sided pointer:


excel resize cells 02


Without moving your mouse double-click the left mouse button. This can take a little practice to get right, if your mouse moves and you get a single column highlighted just go back to the first step and start again. Once you've done it all of the columns should be resized to the smallest possible for the data that they hold:


excel resize cells 03


Now do the same for the rows, getting your mouse pointer over the line between the headings on any two rows:


excel resize cells 04


And again double-click the left mouse button:


excel resize cells 05


There, all cells resized to their optimum size. And you still have time for lunch!