Microsoft Word How-to: Print Filename on Every Page Using Autotext

word logoIn a recent article we looked at how to create your own custom template to use in Microsoft Word. One of the things I find very handy is to print the name of the file in the footer of my Word documents. How many times have you looked at a letter, fax, or any kind of printed document and found yourself thinking "I wish I could remember what I called this file, it sure would make it easier to find". You can set up Word to automatically print that information in the footer of every document you save, and it's easy!

This article assumes that you have created a template (.dot) file, and are familiar with opening and modifying Word templates. If you are not you can look at this article, which gives detailed information on creating and saving templates.

The examples shown here are from Word 2003 running on Windows XP. If you are using a different version of Word and/or a different operating system your screens may look different than those shown, but the basic functionality should be the same.

I'm going to show how to do this in the footer of a Word template, but you can place an auto text field anywhere in any Word document. Open your template or document, then go to main menu and select View -> Header and Footer:


word auto text filename 01


This will highlight the header, and bring up the Header and Footer floating toolbar. Select the 'Switch between Header and Footer' icon to easily get to the footer:


word auto text filename 02


Now that you're looking at the footer, all you need to do is to click on the AutoText dropdown, and select 'filename' from the list:


word auto text filename 03


Click on Close in the Header and Footer toolbar, and you're done. Simple as that, now every time you save a document the filename will show up in the bottom of the page. From here you can do any additional formatting that you would like, a horizontal line over the top of the footer is a simple touch that will separate it from the main body of the document:


word auto text filename 04