Using the Google Calculator

google calculator 01This will be old news to some of you, and a complete revelation to others: You can use Google for a whole lot more than just finding out the nature of that nasty looking growth coming out of Uncle Henry's neck, or how many worms you'll find when you put in your new swimming pool. You can use it to add! And while that by itself is certainly worth the price of admission, the Google Calculator will perform all sorts of common (and not so common) stuff that's even cooler than adding! Just ask it a question....

So how about a couple of real-life examples, maybe some things that are likely to come up during the course of your average day. Things like:

  • Today's the first day home after getting your new frontal lobotomy, and you've noticed that one (of many) unfortunate side effects is that you've forgotten how to add. It occurs to you that this is going to be a serious hindrance on Yahtzee night down at the singles club, and that some of the less scrupulous players may take advantage of this regrettable development. No worries, just fire up your computer, get your favorite browser loaded and point it at Google. Now, simply type in values from the score card and behold:

google calculator 03


Dang, just missed the bonus. Another example?

  • Let's say you're going to finally take that trip to Tokyo you've always dreamed of, and you know that bottle of Ginjo shu premium sake that Grandma Murphy is always pining on about is going to set you back about 1,850 yen. Before you go out and sell your glass eye on Ebay you can check to see what it's going to cost you in good 'ol American greenbacks:

google calculator 02


Whew, I won't have to wear that itchy eye patch after all. OK, one more, but this is too much fun and I have to get back to work:

  • You've decided that moonshining is good way to get up in the world, so you quit your 9 to 5 and yer headin' fer the hills. Problem is, when you get to the local five and dime they only have pint bottles, and you're having a hard time figuring out how many pints are in your 50 gallon bathtub. It's gonna be tough to write up your business plan without this little tidbit of information. Hang on now, before you go trudging back to the old corporate ladder all you need to do is ask Google:

google calculator 04


And there you go, you're all set to burn them brain cells.

There is actually a lot more that you can do with this, you should look here to view Google's help file on their calculator. I sure hope this gets you thinking of ways you can put the power of the Google calculator to your current and future endeavors!